Our advantages

Privately owned and operated network

Owning rather than leasing our core infrastructure allows us to have control over every possible factor of our operating environment, from something as simple as who can access the data center to the more complex decisions of what type of equipment to use. We know our customers can’t afford downtime, and it is our owned and operated network that helped us achieve 99.998% uptime since 2001.

On two Continents

IDAGroup operates SSAE-16 standardized data centers on two contintents that provide a resilient, secure, high-performance environment for business applications and mission-critical data. For MNC's this means lower operating costs, less downtime risk, and more-secure application deployments than with more-traditional on-premises, or single location alternatives.

Strategic Partners

IDAGroup's strategically selected technology and business partners are specifically aligned with the business and technology objectives of our customers. All IDAGroup partnerships are built on mutual respect and collaboration, and we recognize the vital role these partnerships play in adding value for our enterprise customers.
As a direct RIPE and ARIN member, IDAGroup is able to provision a global and independent IP addressing infrastructure.


Virtual Office  Center

A business address in the right place and a local contact number answered in your company name can make all the difference in business. Whether you need a professional address to impress your clients, a place to conduct meetings when you’re ready to close the deal, receive mail or a professional receptionist to answer your calls, IDAGroup's Virtual Office Center is for you.

  1. Mail &

    Address services in the Tampa Bay area can be used for your business collateral, as a place to receive mail or packages and the option to pick it up at the location, have it forwarded or scanned on a scheduled basis.

  2. Phone, Fax, &

    Personalized 24x7 call answering by a professional receptionist. US fax-to-email gateway. Dedicated web and email services or VPN connections for higher security and privacy protection.

  3. Office & Meeting Rooms

    Fully equipped meeting rooms and private offices. Close to the airport, downtown, or beautiful Tampa Bay beaches. Available per hour or for the day.